O L I V I A   S T R E T T L E

AC Gallery Visit, Huddersfield

Thursday 7th April 2022

Today I visited ‘AC Gallery’ in Huddersfield town centre to view my options when it comes to the final exhibition print hanging. As well as a gallery space, they also specialise in picture framing and have done since 1965.

For the past few months, I was planning on just having 1 pinned up print, non-framed. Although, after visiting a professional framers in person, it let me consider my options before ruling it out completely. I found it really interesting to see all the different types of framing that are possible and speak to preofessionals to get their opinions on what colour/size/style typically work best for a certain type of work or image. Complimenting the imagery and becoming part of the space.

If you’re choosing to have work framed, it can often make or break the piece. If the frame colour is too dark in contrast to my image, or the amount it protrudes from the wall is too striking, it would immediately distract from the piece. If I were to frame my print for the final exhibition, I would choose to have a pale, oak wood frame approximatley 1 inch border size for an A1 print. The paler wood would have a soft presence and blend into the space more, becoming almost seamless yet still fitting with that warm toned family photo style. It would open up the exhibition space, making it light and airy - correlating with my print of my grandad facing the natural daylight through a window.


Learn more about AC Gallery here - https://www.acgallery.co.uk/picture-framing
          Images taken in AC Gallery, Huddersfield UK.