O L I V I A   S T R E T T L E

CV Building
Thursday 10th February 2022

Cv’s are a way of presenting your key skills, education, experience and qualifications. They’re needed for pretty much every single job application and need to show off what you’re capable of in order to stand out from the pile of other CV’s. Over the past 3 years during my BA Photography degree, I have gained an unimaginable amount of skills ranging from self confidence, working with others, self-motivation, team work and time management. All of these skills are great for a CV and show you’re a hard working individual with a good attitude and positive intentions.

As the course is coming to an end, I’ve been researching a lot into CV building, as looking for jobs as a post-grad student will be very real soon. I’ve come to terms that companies and employers don’t want to see a ten page long CV with bright colours, full of imagery and distracting fonts. It’s a professional document that outlines who I am, but also should be impressive. Researching into layouts and templates has been very beneficial for the basic construction as I can see what important areas to focus on without being overly wordy and time consuming to read. It was really interesting to find out about a ‘reverse-chronological order CV’. It includes stating your experience and skills in the opposite order of them happening. Its straight to the point of your current position but also keeps the employer engaged to see how you got to this place.

Benefits with a strong CV:
- Talking points in interviews
- Standing out from the crowd
- First thing employers see
- Visualise my achievements

Alongside my final year at university, I’ve been working at a local animal safari park. It’s been a great way to manage my time management by allocating time for university work and also working shifts. I set out a weekly timetable and allocated certain days for solely university. It was very successful and I didn’t feel rushed with the work I was producing.

After university in the post-course environment, my skills and experience will not only become more refined but also the amount of experience I have will increase as I develop more for my career in the creative industry.


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