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Choosing Your Camera
Tuesday 22nd March 2022

I’ve been interested in photography since being very young. My parents documented mine and my brothers childhood through hand held video cameras and rolls of 35mm film. Whether it is tape recordings of trips to Disney Land, 1st birthday parties and school assembly’s, I can re-visit these preserved moments for years to come. I would definitely argue that the exposure I had to my families love for documenting life, influenced my passion for photography. Since getting my first camera when I was 10 years old, I have gained a wide range of knowledge on the cameras that benefit me and the work I enjoy to create.

Here are some of my favourites:


Canon 1300D

Released in March 2016, the Canon EOS 1300D was the first DSLR camera I owned at 16 years-old. It is a great beginner camera yet still has enough settings and capability to create professional looking imagery. Although pretty basic to use, it isn’t short on the settings that can be found within cameras of a much higher price range such as an ISO range of 100-6400, extremely shallow depth of field and built in WI-FI - these are just some of the pros. For the type of images I was shooting at the time with this camera, it worked perfectly for me. I used a 18-35mm kit lens as it covered all areas whilst just beginning my photography journey. Although it does feel a little bit lower value with it’s plastic casing, this doesn’t stand in the way of the great images it can take.

Nikon D750

One of my favourite cameras. Released in September 2014, the Nikon D750 is a full-frame DSLR allowing me to create professional looking images with its ability to create successful images in low light. As I found my love for documentary photography, using this camera with a 50mm standard lens works perfectly for portraits as has a similar perspective of what the human eye sees naturally. With all of the standard features plus more, this camera is always my go to when needing a reliable and professional camera with crystal clear images.


Olympus OM30

The Olympus OM30 was built and sold between 1983 - 1987. It is a 35mm film camera that includes auto focus, the first model to offer this new setting at the time. There is a built-in light meter within the camera allowing for the exposure time to be automatic after setting the aperture. I personally find it is a very reliable film camera as I have tried and tested many that either come out blank or never expose evenly - especially when using a vintage/slightly older camera. It requires 5x LR44 batteries which are cheap to purchase and last a very long time. However, the cost of film and the developing process is increasing in demand and price everyday. 


Image Credit: Nikon/Canon/Olympus