O L I V I A   S T R E T T L E

Friday 8th April 2022

Over the past few weeks, the exhibition committee have been hosting fundraising activities in order to raise money for the final year website, exhibition prints and the catalog. The aim is to raise a total of £3,000 by fundraising as a group as well as individually over the easter break.

One of the recent fundraising events was a bake sale that took place in the Barbara Hepworth Building on the 31st March. It proved to be very successful and contributed a lot towards our total raised. There has also been a contest to guess a certain number of sweets in a jar. This was very popular and raised a lot of money for us. A few people on the course have also been doing individual print sales by choosing 2-3 of their best images and selling small physical prints via Instagram. It is a beneficial way of getting your work out there on a platform so vast, but also raising money at the same time.

It is a great way of being independent, connecting with the others on my course, developing new people skills and making the last few months of the course very enjoyable amongst the approaching deadlines. At this current point in time (26/4) the total raised is over £1,000. The fundraising will continue to go ahead until June 2022 and will hopefully hit our target!


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    Image taken at the bake sale