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Guest Lecture: Carlotta Cardana
Thursday 17th March 2022

Carlotta Cardana is a commercial and editorial photographer based in London, UK. During her time working within the professional industry, she has collaborated with magazines such as The New York Times Style and has previously had photographs on display at the Museum of Natural History, NY. My photography course has the opportunity to join a online talk with her last week. It was very inspiring and informative to see her career progress.

During the talk, Carlotta Cardana explained the timeline of her experience that continued on into her career and the choices she made to be where she is today. Originally from Italy, Cardana travelled to many places in order to achieve her goals of being a photographer after graduating and to gain experience along the way. It was really insightful to be able to hear all of the places she has travelled to, problems she faced, unknowing what is the next step and how she over came those struggles.

Some of the key points Carlotta Cardana ensured we all understood with being young photographers were:
- Patience will benefit you in the long run. It took her over 10 years to be where she is today. Every positive and negative experience shaped her career.
- Gaining experience will increase your technical knowledge
- Meeting and interacting with new people is just as important as the imagery

As a young photographer myself I found inparticular Carlotta Cardana explaining the relevance of networking and people skills being important, very eye opening as someone in the industry explaining her experience. From building my own website, recently setting up Linkedin and taking advantage of social media to get my work seen - each of these steps are just the starting point for my career.


Carlotta’s website - https://carlottacardana.com
Follow her Instagram - @carlottacardana

         Image credit Carlotta Cardana