Guest Lecture: Emily Ryalls
Monday 7th February 2022

Emily Ryalls is a Wakefield based, photographer combining her passion for performance and digital media into her delicate and considered imagery.

Last week my BA photography course was lucky enough to speak with Emily Ryalls through Microsoft teams for an insight into the professional industry as she educated us on her starting point, current practices, decision making processes and her strong passion for analogue photography. Ryalls explained during the online lecture that her three pillars of photography typically fall within non-exploitive photography, co-production attained by removing the lines between the photographer and the subject and finally connectivity of hearing peoples stories, by voicing their situations through performance. It is a way of connecting her passion for photographic art and allowing peoples voices to be heard.

During the session, Emily chose to portray her practice through slideshow imagery as well as going into depth on each project she has recently worked on. I found it extremley interesting to see her combination of performance and photography. It was an influential and engaging session as an undergraduate viewing the talk, it opened my eyes to potential careers and my options for post course I hadn't considered prior.

One of the projects Emily spoke proud of was a recent project titled 'Split Milk'. The project was a way of her visualising her personal story within the healthcare system. With a mix of portraits and performance imagery, she captured her past experiences from things she had heard, felt and dealt with. It was so inspiring to hear her speak about a situation so impactful on her life and how personal her work is to her. She also explained how she has been pushing the creative industry within her home town of Wakefield by setting up a darkroom in @thearthouseuk to inspire and encourage creative processes for young people. 

Overall, the talk has benefitted not only my current practice, but also my future in the photographic industry. Discovering her journey as a young photographer and the steps she took to be where she is today was very inspirational. Emily informed us on so many tips and tricks when starting out in the creative industry and getting recognition such as networking, gaining as many opinions as you can from engaging in portfolio reviews, connecting with online photographers and using social media to benefit your work.


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            Image Credit Emily Ryalls