O L I V I A   S T R E T T L E

Guest Lecture: Victoria Carr
Tuesday 10th February 2022

On Wednesday 9th February, I attended an online talk with Victoria Carr from Textbook Studio. Textbook Studio is a graphic design agency based in Salford, UK. Exploring all areas of art, culture, education and the wider community. The studio works on a range of projects from web design, social media branding and publications. I found the talk to be extremely informative and eye-opening session that shown us an insight into the timeline of Victoria Carr’s professional practice and career development since graduating university.

At the beginning of the talk, Carr went into great detail on her education and the steps she took to be where she is today. Prior to graduating Stockport college in July 2010 and following on to complete a six-month internship, as well as some work experience in between, Textbook Studio was born in 2011.

Within the talk, Victoria Carr provided us with some examples of her practice in order to gain a better understanding of her work visually and the process of curating the graphics. One of her main and most significant projects was the Eat Well campaign in 2019. It was a collaborative project with the main intentions to be educational. It was great hearing about the lengths they made to create the campagin as well as working with multiple different people each with new ideas. 

Overall, the talk was very inspirational as it was clear how Carr started off her career by reaching out and collaborating with her interests. I especially loved hearing about the beginning of Textbook Studio, first as a small group of friends and now being a well-known graphics company within a few years because of her persistance and not wanting to give up on her interests. 


Textbook’s website - https://www.textbook.studio
Follow their Instagram - @textbookstudio



            Image credit Textbook Studios