O L I V I A   S T R E T T L E

In the Print Bureau

Thursday 31st March 2022

Today I spent the day in the print bureau. It was a great way of gaining experience as I could speak with the staff and gain an insight into their knowledge on book making and printing methods. 

I went in with the intentions to print my final book for the project, however, complications occured meaning I could only get a test book printed. I am glad I took the time to visit the bureau with plenty of time before submission to allow for things like this to happen. It’s often times like this that make your work stronger. I can see what went wrong and improve on that.

Before printing the book using my G.F Smith stock, I tested it out using standard 100gsm paper from the bureau. After printing, I realised the book was already way too thick with 100gsm stock. The G.F Smith stock I had chosen to use was 120gsm. The booklet was too rigid and did not lay flat or stay open when placed down on an open spread. This is an important part of the viewing experience that I want to achieve. A calming and relaxing experience supported by the personal narrative, requiring little effort to hold down the pages. It was a great learning experience as part of my development and I am glad I was able to be resiliant and bounce back.

For my exhibition print, I initially wanted to use the inkjet printer at university due to ease and cost, however, after several rounds of testing, I outsourced my A1 exhibition print from the company Mixam. I had used their services before during my Art Foundation course in 2019 and was very pleased with their print quality, selection of stock and the speedy production line. I used uncoated paper with a 1cm white border around my image. It has recently been framed using a natural oak wooden frame to preserve the image and brighten the exhibition space.


Find out more from G.F Smith here - https://gfsmith.com
Find out more from Mixam here - https://mixam.co.uk

                Image of the book test