O L I V I A   S T R E T T L E

Influence For Current Work
Wednesday 2nd March 2022

Back in 2018, during my Art Foundation course specialising in photography I was working on a self directed project titled ‘Living with Loneliness’. It was based around the struggles of loneliness for all ages - exploring the struggles that many people face everyday. Within the first page of the zine I produced, it states ‘loneliness is indiscriminate and is not exclusive to age, health, income, gender or background’.

The A5 sized zine contained interviews from people close to me such as friends and family alongside portraits I had taken of them in areas they feel safe. After producing this personal and intimate book, I really resonated with the concept of photographing the people close to me. The connection I felt with the subjects allowed for me to document their emotions through my work and make them feel heard. It was definitely a turning point for my photographic practice as it has continued to influence current work up to present day, now in my final year at university.

My current work, 78 at N°32 explores the relationship between myself and my grandfather as he ages. The images are taken within his home environment that he has lived in for 54 years with my grandma. After raising their own children and now many grandchildren in that house, the memories to me are priceless. I have copious amounts of memories with my family members that to other people may seem nothing important. The dining table that has hosted birthdays, sleepovers in their spare rooms and the special, antique ornaments we were told never to touch. It felt natural for me to document a personal space and to not only portray, but celebrate my grandads life through photography.


            Images from Living with Loneliness project (2018)