O L I V I A   S T R E T T L E

Join Me On a Photoshoot
Tusday 8th March 2022

Now we’ve made a huge start in the new semester this year, it’s time for me to refine my imagery and push myself to achieve the best I can in the final few months. On this day, I was shooting at my grandparents home on a sunny afternoon in March. The light was perfect. The sky was ever so slightly clouded over, meaning the sunlight was naturally being diffused, yet still allowed for a warm homely feel. I shot without any artificial lighting, just me my camera and a small silver reflector.

A huge part of this project for me is the lighting. It is a common theme through the images I have shot up to this point in the project, that they are subtly lit from the natural sunlight shining through the windows. The images feel real and non staged. It strengthens the imagery of the domestic home by shooting in a very natural, candid style. If I were to add studio lights on the subject, they would feel very clinical and out of place for the calming imagery.

In terms of the camera, I use a Nikon D750 with a standard 50mm lens. It is perfect for those up close portraits, yet still including the shoulders and part of their clothing just peeking in the shot. The shallow depth of field and low aperture is also exceptional with a 50mm lens by blurring out the background to where is it still recognisable, but also bringing the attention to the subject. I shot on manual and adjusted my ISO when I felt was necessary. It was important for me to get the settings right in camera - something I have been massively improving on this year. Due to shooting quite low lit imagery, I found that using a small silver reflector really helped me control the light and reflect it back into the contours of the face or shape of the figure against a darker background.

When photographing my grandad, I found the more successful images were created when we were in conversation about anything and everything. It felt more natural and made my grandad feel comfortable in front of the camera. Almost putting the camera second and just spending time with him. Due to the frequency of the photoshoots per week, it made my relationship with my grandad even stronger as he could have an imput into the work.


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