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Matthew Finn: Website Review
Saturday 26th February 2022

From the very first click onto the website, Matthew Finn's site is simple and captivating. Memorable quotes from photographers and new outlets slide across the home page on a continuous loop whilst subtly hinting at his own work underneath - yet to be unveiled. The homepage slideshow works great at giving a taster into the kind of work Matthew Finn is creating without giving too much away or reading into the projects intentions.

The navigation icons are located at the top of the page and remain perfectly visible when visiting any page. The use of a drop down menu works extremely well when navigating through the site, allowing for ease and an enjoyable viewing experience. The headings, that switch colour when highlighted, cover every aspect of the site from his portfolio to the interactive shop.

When using a mobile phone to view, the website functions perfectly. The text and images become scaled down which means the screen doesn’t become over crowded or too cluttered with text. It is very simple to navigate on a  as the heading icons remain as well as the drop down menus. There are three small horizontal lines in the top right hand corner of the mobile screen, once selected, it opens up the menu icons. Using a different font and colour to the website, the dark contrast of black and white allow for an easy read even when using a smaller screen like a mobile.

In terms of specific project layouts like ‘Mother’ for example, the ratio of image to text works really well as there is enough writing to fully elaborate on the project and for the viewer to truly get a feel for the meaning of the imagery and the reasoning for the work. The depth of Matthew Finn’s family history that is covered in the text gives background information ahead of viewing the imagery. It allows the viewer to resonate with his emotions and feel a deep connection between himself and his mother. As my final university project is following a similar style of documenting family life, I truly feel connected to Matthew Finn’s ‘Mother’ project as he opens up about their closeness and his admiration for her over his life. For image layouts, I admire the ‘slideshow style’ of presenting the photographs as I am able to view at my own pace without revealing all of the story at once. I am also able to easily retract to past images by a simple click of the arrow.

Overall, I think the website is a great fit for the style of work Finn is creating. The colours, graphics and the layout simplicity yet still having a great depth of information for each project is very beneficial to understanding the work. The website has been a huge influence in my university research for creating my own website as I find it to be a perfect example of portraying photographic work in a professional yet inviting and interactive style.


Visit Matthew Finn's Website: https://www.mattfinn.com



     Image Credit - Matthew Finn’s Website