O L I V I A   S T R E T T L E

My Next Steps...
Thursday 31st March 2022

As my University experience is getting closer to completion. I have been weighing up my options for post-course. 

My favourite area of photography is documentary style, exploring family relationships and personal experiences. I would love to continue on with this after graduating my BA course, however, I realise that when starting off working freelance, it often takes a long time before earning anything substantial, and it eventually becoming a sustainable practice for me. Due to this, I have encorporated a ‘commercial’ section within my website in order to portray more areas within photography that I am capable of. Having a wider range of commercial work for brands and companies to see is a much more beneficial way of starting off with freelancing. Documentary, for it is my most knowledgeable area, it just isn’t an area I can solely focus on without any other form of income when starting out.

Finding My Passion
One thing I realised during my BA course is my love for the photobook. It was an area I hadn’t ever explored fully other than throwaway paper samples in college. Being able to make a physical book and understand every consideration that goes into it such as stock, binding, sequence and size - I have found a passion for something I never knew existed. I plan to continue on the production of making and editing small collections of photobooks and perhaps selling a few on the side. Although it may not be a main source of income, it is something that I enjoy and am happy to continue learning more about.

Post Graduate Degree
After a lot of consideration and realisation that my three-year BA Photography course is quickly coming to the end, I have realised how much I love learning and being around like-minded people. I may have taken the experience for granted as each year flew by, and I now realise it is definitely something I want to continue with. The next chapter in my life is pointing towards completing my Masters in Photography - continuing at the University of Huddersfield. I have looked into the MA Photography course at Huddersfield University and have read up about the difference between a research MA or a taught MA. Both are options I need to fully consider and take my time to learn more about and what they offer but at this point in time I’m leaning more towards the taught MA. I loved the supported learning style my BA followed with workshops and seminars - something the taught Masters also follows as a similar way of learning.

Photography is a passion I have had for many many years and I am not quite ready for the physical education side to come to an end. I can use this year of education to consider my steps after that, but for now I am focusing on the present and enjoying my freedom and abilibity to decide my future.


Find out more from The University of Huddersfield: Photography MA course here-https://courses.hud.ac.uk/2022-23/full-time/postgraduate/photography-ma

        Image credit - University of Huddersfield