O L I V I A   S T R E T T L E

New Skills
Sunday 3rd April 2022

There are numerous new skills I have came across whilst studing a photography degree, especially within my final year semester. I have been able to utilise these new skills to benefit not only my own work, but also the people around me. My confidence has been the most progressive skill I have developed. Being able to openly speak about my intentions, the journey that includes postives and negatives along the way and my final intentions. Each step is benefitting me currently, and will also have an impact on my life post-course.

  Here are a few: 

- Being able to collaborate with others, taking multiple ideas and creating a final outcome.

- Becoming more confident in talking about my own work.

- Embracing unintentional changes in the direction of projects, and understanding that change often makes a more successful outcome.

- Developing my skills when it comes to photobok sequencing, designing and finalising.

- Taking advantage of the ever growing world of social media to display my work and be seen.

- My own ability to develop ideas and bounce back when things dont go to plan.

- Problem solving when it comes to prints and book printing.

- Enhancing my networking skills by becoming active on Linkedin and connecting with people in the industry.

- Becoming more aware of curating a space when it comes to the final exhibition.