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One World: The Virtual Exhibition
Tuesday 26th April 2022

For a collaborative module in early 2021 as part of my second year of university, we had the opportunity to work as team and create a photographic exhibition. It was great experience for life outside of university as we all learned so many new skills and pushed ourselves in areas we hadn’t previously explored. From the planning photoshoots, editing and curation, it was a team effort. There was six of us in total, and each had our own roles to play within the module. My role was the group administrator. I kept the group in touch with one another and ensured deadlines were being met. I did also dive into other areas as group work is usually notoriously difficult when collaborating, especially virtually. I composed and edited the final exhibition presentation, arranged the external guest speaker from Waste Aid UK and set up the Instagram page for promotion.

Due to covid restrictions during this time, our exhibition was held virtually on Microsoft Teams and was curated using Art Steps (a virtual exhibition space). This meant that not only did we have to present our first ever exhibition, but also adapt to it being virtual with no in person audience. It was challenging at times as we couldn’t even meet in person as a group to discuss plans and ideas. We made it work by having frequent meetings and staying updated with each other in a group chat. One of the first things we done as a group was created a timetable of dates to stick to for the next few months. It included photoshoot dates, finalising our selections, script deadlines and lastly the launch date. It was a great idea as we could all follow a similar production line in order to individually meet the deadlines.

The project was exploring the effects pollution and negative human impacts have on the natural environment. We each interpreteted this in our own way as well as using various styles photography depending on what we are interested most in, such as fashion, still life and documentary. It allowed for the images to all be completely different, yet complement each other and work well as a group collaboration. 

Overall, being able to host a virtual exhibiton was extremely beneficial in gaining our confidence, working as a group, problem solving, taking on roles we hadn’t already tried, perfecting timings and scripts as well as curating a live presentation that flows smoothly on the launch day. Due to it being a team effort, it also meant that sometimes we had to cover other peoples responsibilities - meaning our skills were challanged with learning new roles.


Take a look at One World - https://www.artsteps.com/view/604f7a848c707c5cd3040773

Image screenshots of the space