O L I V I A   S T R E T T L E

Open Call: Screw Gallery/Village Books

Monday 4th April 2022

I noticed a few days ago via Instagram, that the Screw Gallery in Leeds had announced their 2022 open call in colaboration with Village Books and Leeds City Council. Screw Gallery is an artist-led exhibition space providing opportunities to the creative community and encouraging contemporary art.

The requirements for the submission is 1-5 images, sent low-res via email with no specific theme. All print costs will be covered by SCREW/Village and the chosen piece will be displayed on the side of the gallery in summer 2022. 

I decided to add to the submission by sending over five images from my current university project. I chose images that I feel work well as stand alone images as only one image will be selected to be exhibited. My submission wouldn’t be as strong if the images work only as a sequence, supporting each other and telling the narrative by being a group.

By entering competitions, it gives me the experience of selecting and refining my best work. It makes me want to create successful work and encourages me to carry on going, even if I don’t win the draw. It is a great opportunity to take as each time I submit to a new competition, my work is being seen and considered. I hope to continue entering multiple competitions over the next few months as a way of me gaining more skills in making connections and having the confidence to show my work.


Find out more about SCREW - https://screw.gallery
Find out more about Village Books - https://villagebooks.co

           Image of open call advertisement