O L I V I A   S T R E T T L E

Open Eye Gallery Visit
Sunday 6th March 2022

When conducting research and looking for inspriation for creative based projects, it is so important to not only use physical materials such as books, journals and texts but to also visit galleries and exhibitions to consider the curation of the space. A few weeks ago I visited The Open Eye Gallery in Liverpool. It is one of my favourite art spaces within the city as it showcases work from local artists as well as international projects. The gallery space is split over two floors and multiple rooms, even with a small shop selling zines and photobooks in every form.

One of the projects that was currently being exhibited whilst I visited was the ‘Look Climate Lab 2022’. It is available to visit between 13th January - 20th March 2022 and showcases several research projects exploring climate change, social responsibility and ideas for the future. It was interesting to learn about a topic I hadn’t fully educated myself on and to be able to view the way the work was being presented to the audience.

I found it interesting how every project and campagin that was currently being exhibitied at The Open Eye Gallery was displayed in a different way. For example, prints hung on the wall, video projections and even short films with headphones to use (see images). It was extremely beneficial to see the various ways of curating a space, some I hadnt even considered myself for the degree show.
Finally, within the shop I really enjoyed looking into the physical books and getting to experience and interact with the work.  As I am currently in the process of sequecing and paper testing for my own project, it broadened my ideas of binding methods and texures of the paper that complitment the meaning.


Visit the Open Eye Gallery’s website  - https://openeye.org.uk

            Images taken at the Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool