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PALM* Photo Prize 2022

Tuesday 22nd March 2022

The PALM* Photo Prize is an international photography competition that takes place every year, allowing photographers from all walks of life to engage with other artists and give their work a chance to be seen.

Whether you are a professional or an ameteur, anyone can take part.

As a soon to be photography graduate myself, I decided to take part in this years PALM* Photo Prize. It is one of the first well known competitions I have entered and will give me the confidence in my own work as well as understanding the selecting and submitting process.
For this entry, I had to submit a short biography about myself along side my images with small descriptive captions. In terms of the images, there was no specific brief to follow - allowing me to be creative in what I submit. It was a really enjoyable process and I am glad I took part, even if I am not shortlisted, it is still a good opportunity to take advantage of.

The two images I chose to enter are from my current final degree project - 79 at 32. I believe they are some of my strongest images together yet they also work well as stand alone images (something PALM pushes alot). I chose a portrait image of my grandad alongside a close up image of his hand. Both photographs encapsulate the idea of age as well as being stand alone visually aesthetic imagery.

From many photographers that I have had the pleasure to speak with as part of university guest speakers, the vast majority of them have each explained the importance in entering competitions and getting your work to be seen in the early stages. It is a great way of getting your foot in the door and taking opportunities while you can. Now I have had the experience of selecting and submitting, I will definitely be entering many more in the near future.


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 Image Credit - PALM* Photo Prize 2022