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Portfolio Review: Emily Ryalls II
Thursday 7th April 2022

I had a portoflio review with Emily Ryalls via zoom a couple of weeks ago (read about it here). Since then I have progressed with sequencing, made exhibition print decisions and finalised the book in a digital format ready to be printed. This week at university we had a portoflio review day. Allowing us to book a meeting with two visiting industry professionals. I chose to meet with Emily Ryalls as I could present new, updated work, and Thomas Duffield (read about my review with Tom here). 

I came to the portfolio review with a series of photobooks from first print dummys to closest to the final book as possible. Emily explained that she loved seeing how my physical work had massivley developed since the zoom call we had a few weeks earlier. Within the photobook, Emily suggested printing the small text on the first inside page directly onto tracing paper, rather than binding the trace over top. After the session I tested this out and much prefer the delicate effect it gives. Whilst flicking through the book, Emily spoke about how she appreciated my sequencing within the book. Matching lines, textures and emotions but also slowing down the pace with blank pages and smaller sized images. In terms of stock types, we both agreed on the paper I had chosen and brought to the session (Gmund Bier, Weizen for the cover and Crane’s Lettra, Pearl White for inside pages). Although the inside pages are cotton like and slightly distort the quality, Emily said how it actually works better than crisp white paper. The texures reminded her of the quilted and soft textures within grandparents homes and how it pulls in the rough texture of the blinds in the room. The pages feel worn and fatigued.

When it came to discussing the final exhibition, emily agreed with my suggestion of hanging one A1 portrait on the wall. Excitedly, emily furthered this by explaining how if there was no limit to the size, cost and ways of curating the space, that it would be great to see the wall pasted in an old, ‘grandma style’ wallpaper with the photobook loosley leaning against it on an antique shelf. 

In the session we also discussed future directions after graduating. I explained my current idea to continue on with education and complete my Masters in photography. Emily mentioned to me how she would love to see this project progress into my MA course, and even make it a series of chapters in my grandads life. 
Overall, I am pleased I met with Emily to develop the comments from the first review prior. It was extremely beneficial to gain ideas and explain my concepts to someone in the industry with experience on print hanging and image sequencing. It will benefit me post-course as I now have the 


Visit Emily Ryall’s website here - https://www.emilyryalls.com

        Image Credit - Emily Ryalls