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Portfolio Review: Thomas Duffield
Thursday 7th April 2022

Today I had a 20 minute portfolio review with Thomas Duffield. The time was spent discussing exhibition plans, suggesting improvements and presenting dummy books of the closest quality to the final one. As we are in our last timetabled week, it is important to get as much feedback as possible, in order to refine our work to the highest standards in time for submission in a few weeks.

I began by showing Tom Duffield my first dummy book I created. As he hadn’t seen my work prior to the review, I wanted him to gain some knowledge about my project and where I started. After receiving comments of improvements, I then shown the photo book that is the closest to the final thing. He continuously explained how he was impressed with my development and how I am creating a very strong piece of work. As Tom has worked on his own self-directed projects with his grandfather, I found he could relate to the imagery a lot more and was able to offer me some new ideas and perspectives I hadn’t considered prior. 

Some of the key points and observations Tom mentioned within the review included: 

- Consider changing the cover image, it may feel overly staged compared to the candid style of   the book.
- As the text on the inside page highlights the vale of the space just as much as
  your grandfather, maybe begin with the images of the home and hands then slowly introduce   his portraits near the end of the book.

- The sequencing is calm, images feel quiet and at peace.
- We both agreed on handbound saddle stitch for the photobook.
- Experiment with test strips using different paper types for the exhibition print - take a strip of an area with lightest highlights, darkest shadows and tonal areas.

Overall, I found the time to be very beneficial in developing my work. The feedback I recieved today will help me as a student approaching the degree show but also as a post-grad with future portfolio reviews. It has given me the confidence to talk about my work and raise conversations about my concepts. Portfolio reviews are one of the most influential and beneficial ways of gaining feedback from a new perspective. I have had the opportunity to have several over the past few months and I am grateful I can connect with like-minded practitioners who have experience in the industry.


Visit Thomas Duffield’s website here - http://thomasduffield.com

        Image Credit - Thomas Duffield