O L I V I A   S T R E T T L E

Using Instagram as a Platform
Monday 28th March 2022

As well as Linkedin, my website and entering competitions, another way I have been utilising well-known platforms to publish my work and document the process is on Instagram. It is an effective way of engaging with a specific audience of like-minded people as well as allowing my work to gain recognition by million of users. Since a lot of people have an Instagram account nowadays, I am able to share daily posts of my own, whether thats on my permanent feed or a quick snapshot on stories - to gain a following and publish my photography in a quick, modern way.

I have always viewed Instagram as a digital portfolio. I am able to pick and choose my best work and add small captions to accompany them - similar to a caption in a photobook. It is a way of portraying my work in a more professional manner but also readily available. However, it can also be used in a completely different form by purley documenting a process through time. Be it of paper tests, snapshots, note making, research - all in a ‘scrapbook style’ that is often more interactive with viewers and building a following.

By using an ever growing social media platform, I am not only benefitting my current progress as an undergraduate, but I am also supporting the beginning stages of a career within the photography industry. By interacting with practitioners, posting regularly, sharing my ideas I am starting conversations and making the first steps to building a strongand interactive digital portfolio page.


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                          Images of Instagram Page