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WIX vs Cargo
Thursday 24th March 2022

Initially when creating my website I went for the cheapest option as I hadn’t fully delved into the website hosts available at this point. Wix promoted a free website template that was completely customisable to my needs. I could add my own text, imagery, colour themes, design layouts and even connect my social media within seconds.

When setting up the Wix site, there are endless templates to choose from - covering every industry from photography to marketing, gaming to food sites. I also found the addition of drop down menus within your main icon bar to be very useful, as I could collate multiple projects into one tab. The website templates have a very modern feel to them which works well at keeping your work current and engaging, however, it became quite repetitive using their standard layouts and classic Wix fonts.

Initially, I found it surprisingly easy to navigate throughout as it became unique to my work. However, after using Wix for several months, I became to realise that the majority of free Wix websites all follow the same structure - not allowing mine to stand out. Although, it was a great starting point and allowed for me to gain some knowledge on website design, I decided it wasn’t showing my work to its full potential neither did it look too professional. One main thing I wasn’t too sure on when using Wix was the promotional ads that came with using the free version. My domain also had Wix advertised in it, and on top of that, there was a limit to my photo storage. I think it worked well as a basic layout and to be able to visualise how I want my site to look, but after researching into others, I realised how many more hosts exist where I can get more out of it for myself.

After trialing out Wix for a few weeks, I came across cargo from hearning about it in a group feedback session. Initially I found it confusing to navigate and to even set up a basic layout. After endless online tutorials and googling for help, I had a site set up! You can choose to start with a template or a ‘blank wireframe’.

Now I’ve been using Cargo for the past few months, I 100% prefer it over WIX. I have more control over my site and can personalise pretty much anything - no two Cargo sites look the same. One of the main things I enjoyed with WIX, is the drop down menu’s on icon bars. It was very helpful at keeping the site minimal and not being too overcrowded. I couldn’t find this option initially with Cargo, however, I believe there are many more relevant and practical options to use as well as new and engaging ways to display work.

As Cargo is a website host that is aimed specficially for designers and artists, I am able to browse their ‘sites in use’ section and view like-minded pages used to host all areas in the art industry from photography to graphics. I really enjoy seeing how so many people have made their site unique to them, all from a blank starting page. Although Cargo does come at a cost and they don’t offer a free/basic version, I do believe it is worth the small fee in order to make the most of your work and for it to be displayed in the most successful, professional and unique way. It also seems to run a lot smoother on my laptop as WIX uses flashplayer, causing it to lag and not save projects.

I’m glad I took the time to trial out various sites including Ionos, Wix, WordPress and Cargo, as I was able to visualise what each host can offer me as a young photographer. When building my site, my main areas I wanted to ensure were the focus points include, ease of navigation and the ability to view my work/content in an enjoyable way without getting lost within the site.


Learn more about Wix here - https://www.wix.com
Learn more about Cargo here - https://cargo.site

      Screenshots of WIX templates


      Screenshots of Cargo templates