O L I V I A   S T R E T T L E

Websites in Use
Wednesday 2nd February 2022

Before creating my website I looked into various practitionars websites in order to gain some knowledge on layouts, website hosts, styles and navigating throughout the site with ease. Silvana Trevale, Phillip Toledano, Alec Soth and Matthew Finn to name a few, are some photographers sites I researched prior to the curation of my own.

Silvana Trevale
- Projects and commissions easily located – natural segregation between.
- Simple font for logo/title. Constant font throughout the whole site.
- Small section for contact – on the front page to notice immediately.
- List of icons/links down one side. Simple layout, easy to navigate through.
- Home page showing images - subtle hint of her work to gain an idea of her practice before interacting.
- Website is mainly image based, little text accompanying the photographs.

Screenshot of Silvana Trevale’s Site
Visit the website - https://silvanatrevale.com

Phillip Toledano
- Extremely simple home page layout, no instant imagery - quite ambiguous because there are no immediate signs of photographic interests.
- Basic font for name, nothing overly distracting.
- The work has to be interacted with in order to unveil the work.
- Use of changing coloured icons when clicked. Adds ease to the site.
- Bold style, very easy to navigate with simple titles, not overly confusing.

Screenshot of Phillip Toledano’s Site
Visit the site - http://mrtoledano.com

Alec Soth
- Brief introduction to the site. Friendly introduction.
- Promoting new work, directing to sales with a shop built in.
- Neutral colour theme, doesn’t take away from the work anf flows well.
- Bold text headings. Clearly located and simple to use.
- Immediately shows work on the home page –
exhibitions, projects and new releases.

Screenshot of Alec Soth’s Site
Visit the website - https://alecsoth.com/photography/

Matthew Finn
- Bold font for name, clear and stands out.
- Smaller icons to move through the site, use of drop down windows.
- Slideshow of imagery on the home page. Introduces you to the work without having to find. - Quotes and references to other practitioners.
- Easy to use navigating arrows to look through photographs.
- Addition of a store.

Screenshot of Matthew Finn’s Site
Visit the site - https://www.mattfinn.com