O L I V I A   S T R E T T L E

Workshop: Sophie Traynor
Thursday 27th January 2022

As part of a weekly university workshop, Sophie Traynor visited my photography course in order to provide us within an insight into the professional industry.

Beginning with beauty products and clear fragrance bottles, Sophie Traynor explained to us the various ways of lighting an inanimate object whilst preserving the luxury aesthetic and high end quality that Sophies images portray. Within the first part of the session, it became clear to me that Sophies technique of starting with only one single light and then building up when necessary, was giving off the best outcome as it was controlled and easier to see what specific lighting need to be changed, added or removed. Sophie also explored the use of light and dark as the shadows could be manoeuvred to create beautiful shapes and silhouettes.

Firstly by using a clear perfume bottle and then transitioning to multiple nail polish bottles, we were able to see the construction of the final image by adding a changing small factors such as adding a reflector, moving the light closer or further away from the product to create either a soft long shadow or a short harsh shadow

I found it fascinating to see the subtle changes in shape and style being encouraged by the lighting. The changes were small but made a significant influence on the final photographs.

For the latter part of the workshop, Sophie Traynor experimented with studio photographs, transforming the passport style to a contemporary, beauty shot with minimal steps in-between. After asking for a volunteer, Traynor used soft boxes and a white polyboard as a large reflector to control and bounce the light back onto the face. As well as this, a singular light was placed towards the background to ensure it doesn't look grey behind the subject.


Sophie’s website - https://www.sophietraynor.com
Follow her Instagram - @sophietraynorphoto
                Images of Sophies work and workshop